Thursday, 24 December 2009

YAY Christmas is finally here

Merry Christmas everyone, be thankful for those you share christmas with and be nice to everyone you meet. This time of year is about spreading good will, just like when they stopped fighting for the day in world war one. Say merry christmas to loads of people be happy and hug people, especially if they look sad.

Christmas is going to be good this year because I decided it will be. I found blake, (my little vampie ji ball jointed doll) she was packed away with all the christmas decorations so when I opened the box to decorate the tree she was right there. She's been hibernating for an entire year, thats a pretty impressive sleep.

I got my husband loads of really dull things and I feel bad that theres nothing exciting for him to open but I hope he likes what he's got. My parents food that I got them never came because of bad weather, asda told me they would deliver it today between 10am and 2pm and its currently 2:45pm so im a bit stressed about that because if the food doesnt come then my parents wont have any food for christmas and that'd make them sad I guess and me sad too. I hope it comes.

the snow is thawing which is good for all those needing to travel I hope everyone gets to their intended destinations and has a wonderful time, but I better go wrap stuff and be organised and stuff.

Love you all

Thursday, 17 December 2009

oooh where'd those cm's go?

There was something I was going to blog about thats really important, but its slipped my mind for the time being.  Hello there, do you remember me?  No?  Don't blame you.  I've not been around very much at all in terms of dieting these past couple of weeks, fallen off the bandwagon so to speak, the said bandwagon reversed and ended up running over me. LOL least thats how it feels.  I put on 2 pounds this week.  I was going to say I stayed the same, but I would only be lying to myself.  Its that bloomin alcohol that does me in.  Beer in vast quantities.  and my laziness creeping back on me. you see if theres no food in the house we end up just going out for a meal instead of shopping for food to make meals with.  I suck huh.  yep I suck bad.  But the odd thing is even though i've put on 2 pounds this week i've actually lost a cm off my hips and waist.  So I guess I cant complain too much...well actually I cant complain at all for the +pounds this week are all my own fault.

That means though that since starting this diet at the end of september i've lost 10cm off my hips.  Thats tonnes! A little shocking and I cant wait for next week cause we're going to pauls parents for xmas and they havent seen me since I started to lose weight so they might notice.

Friday, 11 December 2009

What a week

Sorry I haven't been around everyone, seriously, work has just sucked all the life out of me this week.  to the point where i've trudged home most nights on the verge of tears.  I'm not going to put up with that anymore so come the new year i'm looking for a new job.  i've had enough of the high level of crap and low level of pay.  I'm a specialist.  the place I work is the only place in the entire country, (let me re-iterate.....ENTIRE COUNTRY) to be accredited for certain tests we do, yet i'm barly paid more than starbucks or checkout staff.  That doesnt seem right to me. So yep i'm gonna go work in sainsburies, or something.  I dunno.  It sucks.
Food has gone well and truely up the swan what with  chinese meal on monday, no food whatsoever on tuesday due to camden gig running till midnight and having not eaten before hand, thai meal on wednesday and curry on thursday.  Well and truely messed that up.  Ack well, back on the bandwagon today so we'll see how it goes over the weekend.
Xmas is only 2 weeks away and that realisation has suddenly hammered on the PANIC button and a string of obscenities as dawning realisation that i havent bought anything sets in.  I'm sure it'll be fine.

Anyway i'm gonna be back properly now so I shall catch up on everyones blogs.  Sorry for being rubbish.

Monday, 7 December 2009

WI oooh unexpected

4lbs off this week!!
 I had put on a pound last week to put me back up at the 12 stone 9 but this week I am 12 stone 5 so thats pretty spiffy.  i'm certainly not complaining about that.  But  I havent been following points at all, this past week has just been so manic that I havent been eating properly and even skipped a meal or two just because i've been to shattered to cook.  I havent done any exercise this past week due to being achey and sick, so all in all i've done really poorly on the whole "healthy living" side of my life.
It also means that my 12 stone 2 goal that I wanted to get to before xmas is looking slightly more doable than it had been last week.  So i'm getting back into my exercising, gonna eat properly and staying off the beer.  I have my first camden gig 2moro night and i'm planning on wearing my rockabilly dress.  It would go lovely with my new jacket but i'm not allowed it.
We're staying at pauls mum and dads for xmas this year which is great because I always feel more restraint infront of his parents than I do infront of my own so I think xmas should be an okay experience for food, and alcohol i'm going to try to steer clear of.  I guess i've still got a couple of weeks to come up with a proper battle plan but with my new weight loss behind me its giving me the positivity to keep aiming for my goal even through this tricky point of the year.

Oooh and my paragraph avoidance didnt last very long.  I'm going to have to work on a different new years resolution instead.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Shopping Success!

I know what i'm getting for xmas. I know because we got it yesterday. I convinced paul that we needed to go into Camden so I could retrieve the jacket that was destined to be mine. We found some really good shoes but they didnt go down to my size so they were too big which was a bit of a shame. But the jacket is now sitting upstairs because I cant wear it until I unwrap it at xmas. We also found another jacket that paul got me for xmas too, so I have 2 jackets for xmas and they're both super ace and I wanna wear them all the time but I cant even show you pictures because im not allowed the stuff till xmas. I only have 2 more things on my xmas list, Spud. hes a toy dog. I saw him in the window of a chemist shop and instantly knew his name and knew he had to be here with me. Then he dissapeared out of the window but I saw him again so hes still there. His name is spud and he has to be here. And the last thing on my list is tales of symphonia 2. Its a wii game and I need it. Yep. End of story. Thats my list. Goldfish i'm not allowed and I dont think paul is gonna budge on that one so i'm giving up bugging paul for one. Maybe one day i'll get one...possibly when he's not looking and away for a weekend and then a goldfish can just follow me home by accident and have stay over. I dunno. I'll work something out. I've also decided to forgo paragraphs for the rest of the year. Thats my new years resolution you see, to use paragraphs, so I have stop using them for a while so that people will notice the difference. Today I made my first ever money from my music. I got a whole 37p because some nice person (you know who you are) bought a digital download of my song that i've been plugging a lot recently. If you go to my music site ( you can buy my song. So yay. 1 whole person liked it enough to pay money for it. Thats awesome. Thankyou. I have a lot of music to sell before I start seeing any profit. I'm guessing the whole thing is gonna cost around the £500 so i'm making 100 CDs and i'm selling them for £5 so that means I break even right? So where does profit come into this?.....errr it doesnt aparantly. Maybe I should have thought this through. Thats why I've made the music downloadable, even though paypal take 22p from every 59p I get I still get more than if I'd put it through itunes. But I put my song up on craftster because its all made by me and my god what a response. It ended up being on the front page of the site and that really did make my day so many people said so many wonderful things to me and everyone keeps comparing me to that kimya dawson girl who sings on juno, I checked her out and yep I do sound like her. And there was me trying to be original....Did I mention my new jacket...oooh its so sparkly lovely. Also I have audits to do 2moro and they're gonna suck big chunky ones. I hate SG's fiddly little test that i've managed to avoid the audit on for 4 years because i've had other staff to do that audit but now that there are no staff its just me thats left to do them. This sucks monumentally. SUCK SUCK SUCKY SUCK

Friday, 4 December 2009

Nestle liked it

So Nestle watched my kitkat video and said they thought it was fantastic.  They said they're going to send me kitkats in the post. Free chocolate when you're on a diet isn't a great idea but i'm really happy that they were nice enough to do that.  They also said they couldnt make my video into an advert though because they have to go through their official advertising channels.  Fair enough, free chocolate will do...for now.  I shall hunt down their advertising agency and try my luck there.  You never know unless you try right?

This weekend I've convinced darling husband to come into camden market/lock with me tomoro so I can buy him jeans for xmas and he can buy me a jacket.  I saw it last week but couldnt buy it but tried it on and fell in love with it.

It kinda looked like this but was a deep tartan.  It made me look so slim because of the flared out waist I adored it instantly.  Theres also shoes I found that I have been searching for for years and they were on sale for £14 but I couldnt get them and i'm just praying they are still there 2moro.

Xmas is sorted now.  We're going to pauls family for xmas and going to a  friends  new years party and we'll see my family sometime soon in the new year (well probably march)  Pauls family is so much more sedated than mine. My family up north is very chaotic but I guess thats because my sisters are all still so young so arguments can be quite unexpected and volitile.

Eating has been going really well I'm hoping for a loss this week, but exercise I havent done hardly any what with flu/acheyness for most of the week I really couldnt face/couldnt be bothered to do exercise but I shall start agan properly on sunday.
Tonight I have a party I am going to.  In fact I should be heading out the door now.  I'm not going to drink very much at all, and so should probably go get ready.

Hope everyone has an ace weekend and will see you on monday for my weigh in.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


What a response, my comedy  kitkat song has already got over 200 youtube hits which makes it my most successful endevour so far.  Thankyou to nayone who has been plugging it for me.  I got a major boost when one of my most favourite music artists (Al baker and the dole queue) plugged it on his twitter page, it made me feel all fangirly.  I promise I will stop harping on about the song soon enough but just let me have this one last blog then I will resume diet moaning.  If anyone could send it round to their mates (for I have a surprising few of them, not quite sammy no mates, but my circle of friends are really like a select few) I'd be really appreciative.  I must admit since making the movie I havent eaten any chocolate.  I just couldnt face any. which has got to be a good thing

Life is really pretty good at the moment.  Except that yesterday I may have lost my iphone noooooooooo....I guess when I get into work today I will find out if I have or not because it will either be on my table or it wont be.  (prays please me there please be there please be there)  I still majorly ache and my nose is runny and my left eye insists on watering a lot so perhaps that walking on saturday isnt whats made me achy but in fact that im actually ill.  I dunno I tend to ignor flu type symptoms and they get the hint and go away.  If I take a lemsip then im in trouble and whatever sickness I have hits me with everything its got so I tend not to take medication and that seems to work for me.
I have an open uni tutorial tonight i'm pretty excited about it.  I've never been to one before so it'll be ace finally meeting some of the people on my course and it turns out the lady who'se doing the final rearrangement for my music album cover happens to be on the same course as me. W e've never met so its a bit of an odd coincidence that we live in the same town doing the same course at the same time.  Odd.