Friday, 30 October 2009

Beng stubborn

That pound just really doesn't want to shift huh, 12 stone 11,  I saw 12 stone 10 yesterday but its 12 stone 11 again today, maybe it doesnt want to leave.  Maybe it'll miss me when it's gone I don't know.

I've been really good recently in eating dinner earlier, normally me and my guy would eat at around 9 or 10 o clock at night, which is bad when you go to bed a couple of hours later, so i've been trying to have food done by 7 at the latest but last night we had a friend round and we ended up ordering chinese food, there was a mixed starter with veg spring rolls and chicken satay and prawn toast and spare ribs. I had one spring roll and that was it, and then my main I had ordered was chicken chow mein.  Now I could have picked something better I guess, but for lunch I had had 3 rivita with light philidelphia on them, for breakfast I had had banana on rice crispies, I'd also eaten one apple and a pack of snackajacks during the day and that was it.  so I thought i'd be allowed a little something nice.  Today the scales said no, so I guess not.  *sighs*

Heres a pictue I drew, the bunny is me.  Carrots have become a bit of a crutch for me, if im peckish I have a bag of sliced carrots and salsa to dip them in.  I really enjoy it, but i've run out of both at the moment.

So anyway this weekend is going to be a tricky one.  I have my friend jane coming round tonight, Im hopefully going to make ratatouille for dinner so thats safe, then 2moro I have a haloween party, again with the crazy amount of alcohol and buffet dodging.  I'm determined to do it though because that bloomin 12 stone 11 pound will shift whether it kills me.  (how much does an arm weigh, I dont really use my left one, if I loped that off it would probably make me drop half a stone huh LOL)

On monday I have my husbands works party to go to.  I have this awesome awesome dress to wear and a petticoat came yesterday that swishes underneath it.  I love it sooo much.  I will show you pictures when my darling hubby takes one of me.

Anyway HUGS to everyone on this friday,  just one more day to go till the weekened YAY YAY


Jaframity said...

That's a worried looking carrot!
You know, that yesterday's menu of yours sounds okay to me. The pound gain could simply be the weight of the food, rather than a pound of fat, no? You'll probably find (assuming the weekend goes to plan! Good luck with that.) that you'll have a loss at the end of the week. Let's be optimistic anyway! :-)

Cochen said...

I agree with Jaframity ... the Chinese was no disaster! Go enjoy yourself this weekend ... you're working ever so hard and deserve a fun time x Dress sounds fab btw!

samigurumi said...

Thankyou guys *hugs hugs*