Monday, 5 October 2009

First week done

Okay so today was my weight watcher weigh in day and I now weigh

13 stone 1 pound

that means 1st week in i've lost my first 7lbs

I know nothing to be proud of i'm still sitting quite horrifically in the morbidly obese section of the BMI graph but hey its a start. And actually from 13 stone 8 that I was last sunday thats certainly an improvement.
Plenty more room for more improvement.

In other news I have been trying to buy a TV from marks and spensers for almost 2 months, its not going great waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered it came and its the wrong one, they then tried to charge me £100 to come and pick it back up again. LOL After a bit of a discussion they changed their minds so I have to wait another 2 weeks for them to come give me the original TV I wanted and to pick up the one I now have. Its all a bit crazy. Having to deal with people on the phone really stresses me out and stress is one of those things that triggers me into eating excessively...well actually any excuse triggers me off, but so far i've resisted loads of potential eating disasters. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. So YAY.


Cochen said...

Well done you! 7lbs in your first week is *mightily* impressive so you should be very, very pleased with yourself :) My weigh in is tomorrow, so watch this space!