Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Birthday

It's my husbands birthday today, and We're going to an indian restaurant.  I'm not too worried about the food, I like the tandoori stuff so thats actually fairly good for you, what I am worried about is the beer.  Thats where my body piles it on.  BEER BEER BEER!  My husband...his name is Paul, got me into drinking real ale and I usually match him pint for pint, now whilst his waist is something stupid like 32" mines not because he can easily drink 4-5 pints ina  night and not put on any podge.  I just have to look at a beer and suddenly im a pound heavier.  I am going to drink tonight, but i'm going to limit myself to 2 pints,  that might sound a lot but actually for me thats not very much at all.  Hopefully I wont do much damage.  I guess tomoro will tell huh.

In other news Got a new TV yesterday 32 inch HD 1080p thing its really shiney and doing my exercises on the wii on it makes doing exercises that little bit nicer. So yay. pretty-ness and it was in effect free due to us spending our wedding gift voucher on it so even better.