Sunday, 4 October 2009

Hi and welcome to my journey

My names Sammy. I'm just an average 28 year old girl...well thats not actually strictly true you see i'm overweight, well obese to be exact. At 13 stone 8 pounds and being only 5 foot tall i'm in danger of being as wide as I am tall, okay so that last bit was an exageration I mean at my fattest I was 18 and a half stone. That was when I was 22 here lemme show you a picture of me doing cosplay (that's where you dress up as computer game and anime characters its one of my many hobbies)...

<------ Not pretty, although at the time I had fooled myself into thinking I was fine. i'm no where near that big anymore i'm sitting at 13 and a half stone but again for someone of my height thats not really ideal now is it, So this is what I look like at the moment on the right. Luckily my guitar hides most of the flab. I hide behind my guitar a lot

So yeah as you can see still a way to go huh. ----------->

Well I've taken a few very positive steps. First off I joined weight watchers. I joined WW once before back when I was 14 I've always been a tubby person you see and it was an endless source of misery at school being picked on because of your weight is no fun and obviously you get depressed at yourself so of course its natural to comfort eat so you get picked on more so you get more depressed so you eat more....see a pattern here? So yeah I joined WW when I was 14 but lost interest pretty quick. The meetings were far away from where I lived and if on the off chance I did lose a pound or two I would reward myself with chocolate. Dumb huh. Yeah. Dumb.

So anyway i'm 28 now and my priorities and outlook on life are radically different from the 14 year old me. So I thought well this WW online course looks like a spiffy thing to try out, what is there to lose...other than weight of course. So yeah I signed up and tomorrow is my first full week. I've noticed a difference in me already, not nessecarily in weight or size but in motivation and energy. I don't normally eat much fruit and veg and exercise is a no go area for me, these may be habits that might go a little way to explaining my size problem. So having stuck to eating masses of fruit and veg to fill up on and having gone and bought a wii fit and learning yoga already my energy levels are through the roof. I'm sleeping much better and just generally feel like I can take on the world.

Perhaps a lot of that is knowing that i'm finally, properly doing something about my weight. I guess time will tell.

Anyway nice to meet you hopefully see you around as I trek down my journey to fitness and thinness