Saturday, 24 October 2009

how many calories does moshing use up

 Went to a punk gig last night to see stiff little fingers, was very hot sweaty and bouncy why is it that the majority of people who mosh are about 6 foot five and 18 stone, ended up with one trampled foot and a dead arm by the end of it but very sweaty...ick.  Still part of me was curious how many calories i'd burned.

Also I think i've fixed my blog, my template might have been the problem as to why people couldn't comment.  Would someone please comment on this blog or a previous one for me, just to confirm i've fixed it.  i dont know why the word verification wont pop up but 3 people have now said this, so I've had a go at fixing it.

Off today to a bonfire/haloween party/weekend  its going to be pure awesomeness wrapped in a sparkly box.  I havent seen the people i'm going up with since may so i'm really excited.  I even have a pumpkin for the occasion. so super YAY YAY and I bought loads of healthy stuff for food, like snack a jacks and quorn pieces and stuff so its going to be guilt free for the majority of it I hope.  I just gotta go easy on the alcohol.


Anonymous said...

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