Wednesday, 28 October 2009

This weekend as at the haloween picnic I sat there in Jennys living room surrounded by the majority of my friends I felt really really lucky. I think its important every so often to step back from what you are doing and recognise that actually when all the chips are on the table I've been pretty serendipitous. The internet has literally transformed my life and I have a much better life because of it, its opened so many doors for me and really i'm thankful for each and every person I know. I think perhaps some people don't recognise how lucky they are and thats a shame, or like so many things are perfect in their lives but they have things that niggle them so they complain about the little details, but overall everything else is really rather good. I am going to try to focus more on the positive aspects of my life rather than the negative ones.

Also its payday on friday which is good, this coming month, other than bills and essentials I am going to try and not spend anything. I need to start recouping money for christmas, which unfortunately is on our doorstep, or so the adverts on the radio and TV would have you believe. I have no ideas what to get Paul (my husband)  and he's not being very helpful in the ..."What do you want for christmas?" ...."Don't know".... round robin that we have every year for xmas/birthdays. I wrote a xmas song the other day. I'm thinking about recording that one sooner rather than later. Less than a week till I go record some of my stuff. Its all pretty exciting. I'm super nervous about spending the whole day with Gary (hes the guy that does the recording) he's a very touchy feely person and it really puts me on edge. I just want him to respect my boundaries but he seems happiest giving you random shoulder massages and stuff. At least its not just me, he does it to everyone.

I'm halfway through an extremely intense week at work. one girl lots of work, and its making me very tired indeed. Monday I seriously crashed out on the sofa once i'd gotten home from work and run 30 minutes on the wii fit (that got me 9.6k in distance I felt pretty happy with that although my legs turned to jelly the second I stopped running) I havent lost anymore weight since like forever, but so far measurement wise i've lost 2cms on my upper arms (not length, circumference) 3cm on my hips, 3cm on my bust 2cm on my thighs and 1cm on my waist. So its clearly working right? Just not sure why my weight isnt shifting, guess i'm replacing the fat with muscle at the moment. its alright, im not cheesed off just yet I mean i've only been going since sept the 28th so 11 pounds lost is still pretty cool, but I hope the weight starts to shift soonish. Ack!!! I was trying not to talk about weight. today. DoH I clearly just cant help myself

Oh and I heard some Alison Moyet on the radio yesterday and I knew all the words, but up until hearing it on the radio I didn't even remember that the song existed. LOL it put me right back to when I was about 5 years old and my mum would do the housework and the house would smell of wood polish and the sunbeams would shine through the curtains to make the dust motes dance.  It was a really nice memory and made me really nostalgic


Cochen said...

Your sentiment is truly lovely - we all spend too much time whingeing about the small stuff, without appreciating how truly lucky we all are.

I hope that you'll post some mp3s when your recording is done - that would be very cool :)

Don't worry about your weight loss ... you're doing fine x