Monday, 19 October 2009

Its another day on the scales

So weigh in day came round pretty quick this week, on the scales I am reading....Duh Du Duuuuuh....(thats suspence music for anyone who didn't know)....12 stone 11.  Yep thats where I was last week, but hey don't fret, its not a problem I mean since September the 28th i've lost 11lbs which is 11 pounds less that I would be right now if I hadn't started losing weight right?  And that was only 3 weeks ago in the big scheme of things so 11 pounds in 3 weeks is pretty spiffy.  I can't really complain about that.

 I went out for an indian meal on thursday because it was my husbands birthday and the day after that I stepped on the scale I was 2 pounds heavier so I shifted that back off which just confirmed to me that weight loss is all about being sensible and compensating for over eating and doing everything in moderation.  I mean I'd promised myself I would only drink 2 pints that night, and to be honest I ended up drinking 4, if I'd stuck to my original plan then I think the damage would have been less and I may have been looking at a 1 pound weight loss this week but hey, live and learn. I knew weight loss this way wasn't going to be an overnight thing, unlike the cambridge diet.  But at least through this way of eating less and exercising, i'm learning proper lifestyle choices.

In other non- diet related news  I finally have a date to go to a music studio and start recording some of my songs.  3rd of november.  I have the studio from 10am till 6pm, that might be enough to get a couple of songs sorted out.  I'm going to record my kitkat song first because I want to start working on the music video for it.  I have some stuff up on youtube if you're interested

JammieSammy at the boxmoor music on the moor festival

I sing comedy songs, most of them are rude actually but the ones in the link are clean mainly because it was a family music festival and I'd just feel weird singing rude words infront of children.  I cant wait to have properly recorded stuff.  I only started singing on stage properly since july and its really really scary but since i've started losing weight i've also recognised in myself that I feel more confident standing up on stage.  I'm looking forward to the day I get up on stage looking all svelte....(i'm pretty sure thats a word, and if its not, it should be)