Saturday, 10 October 2009

Monster Munch almost got me sacked

Pickled onion Monster munch. only 1.5 weight watchers points. (although I think thats for the original sized bags not the new 'Old' larger sized bags)

I remember eating these as a kid, the fact they would burn the roof of your mouth clean off because they were so acidic just fills me with nostalgia.
Well I'm actually a big kid at heart and when I saw the new 'old' version I had to get a pack, and even more to my surprise I realised they had made the monster munch pieces bigger so it was like being a kid again. You can put them on your fingers like rings and nibble away....okay thats my own odd eating habits, in much the same way you have to nibble the chocolate off the edge of a bounty before eating the exposed coconutty bit last, but lets not talk about chocolate, I havent had any for over a week which is astounding for me...back on with the monstermunch story.
I work in a laboratory testing soil in various different ways, and just out of pure curiosity due to the acidic nature of pickled onion monster munch I wanted to see what the pH of one crushed down was, so I crushed it down, added distilled water and stuck the pH meter in. It ended up reading 1.47 thats quite acidic huh. Now that wasn't the problem. When I came to clean the meter it seemed it didnt want to clean. There was a sort of oily residue on the indicator and no matter how much i washed it it wouldn't come off. I couldn't take it up to the boss and say it was broken due to the fact it absolutely stunk of pickled onion. The meter constantly read well below its normal readings for the whole day. I was freaking out so left it in warm distilled water over night. Its fairly back to normal now, but I think I would have been in serious trouble if it hadn't sorted itself out.
Another one of those incidents that I chalk up to being occasionally speshul. So in conclusion
Monstermunch = goodness for weightwatchers
Monstermunch = badness for pH meters.
I do these things so you dont have to