Thursday, 8 October 2009

My cat

My cat seems to be going on a one cat mission to wreck the house recently. I dont know whats up with her. She's named Sheol which according to my husband (who named her) is hebrew for hell pit. Well she's certainly living up to her name.
Today she weed on the sofa, For some reason she picked the exact spot where my passport was so now my passport smells of cat wee. Why out of the entire house did she pee there? 2 days ago she weed on my eiderdown duvet so thats wrecked, she'd slowly working her way through my stuff wrecking it. What have I done to incurr her wrath? I feed her I pet her she seems genuinely happy. Is it just because its getting cold outside that she can't be bothered making the 10 step trek out the catflap?

She must hate me