Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Oh crap how did that happen!

Hmmm. I know you're not supposed to stand on the scales until weigh in day and my weigh in day is monday which was yesterday where I weighed 12 stone 11 which is fine I have no problem with that because thats a loss of 4 pounds from last week, but today I stood on the scales and was 12 stone 13.  WTF how did that happen?  No seriously i'm not even deluding myself from having a binge yesterday because I didn't.  I ate fruit veg chicken and yoghurt, oh and a smoked salmon bagel which is a recipe from weight watchers, I was actually under my points allowance by about 6 points by the end of the day so where did that 2 pounds come from?  I've been keeping up my water i've been exercising every day? 

Could I have suddenly put on 2 pounds of muscle overnight?  I've noticed my arms and stomach getting tighter so okay I am building muscle but does it pile on that quick?  I'm confused a bit about it to be honest.  I've even been eating earlier at night time because me and my husband have a tendacy to eat at 9 or sometimes later so i've been trying to make sure we've eaten by 7:30 at the latest so theres at least 4 hours before when we go to bed.  I'm a bit narked about it all in fairness, but equally it hasnt made me any less motivated I know the pounds will go away eventually but its still ticked me off somewhat when i've been being very good.


samigurumi said...

i'm not gong to worry about it. i've decided. t'll come off eventually, perseverence is the key right?