Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Open university

My life is pretty crazy, I do a billion things I guess I blame it on being a gemini.  I get easily distracted so need lots of variety to keep me interested.  But I also have a pattern, you see I get really obsessed about things for a few months.  I live and breath whatever hobby I have and then one day the enthusiasm just vanishes and I drop whatever it is i'm doing and move onto something else, but the thing is after about a year cycle I always return to the original hobby, so I make sure I keep all the stuff because I know eventually I will return to it.
So my hobbies that go round and round include:- Learning Japanese, Arts and crafts, Robotics, writing poetry/songs, dress making
So I just go round and round, but I've found a new hobby.  Open University.  I'm getting myself a degree, theres only one problem with this.  I cant just drop it when the enthusiasm runs out.  OU courses have a timetable you have to adhere to,  this is proving a new challenge and one i'm thoroughly enjoying.  But tonight is my first tutorial.  Excting biscuits

Anyway I drank beer last night.  I'm a really big alcohol fan and my husband brought back some  honeydew from our local pub last night so I drank one (which is actually really restrained for me) and I enjoyed it because I chose to drink it.  I wasn't worrying about it because I knew I had enough WW points to drink it without destroying any hard work.  I ran for 20 minutes yesterday, I know that doesnt sound like alot but thats a helluvahlot more than I could say this time last month.  So I ran it and that ended up equalling 6km  I dont know if thats good or not but boy I was sweating and knackered after it.  I was going to give up at the 10 minute mark but glad I pushed myself to 20 mins.  This fat will vanish.  I promised myself that and i'm sticking to it.


westbubbles said...

You're doing so well even 2 weeks in ... and brilliant going to push yourself so far over the mark you had set :D