Sunday, 18 October 2009

podge be gone

Okay so I started this whole get fit get slim idea on the 28th of september so that'll be 3 weeks tomorrow.  I ache.  I have ached every day, because every day I have been doing a range of exercises and boy does it hurt.  My body doesnt like exercise, its doing that whole protesting thing, but I think it may actually be working.  Exercise combined with weight watchers seems to be at the very least making me feel positive that i'm doing something about my increasing creep up the weight scale. 

I feel like i'm doing something responsible for once in my life. Thats not something that happens very often, infact I actively avoid feeling responsible (accept at work I have to be responsible there because i'm in charge of my laboratory)  during my free time i'm just really a big kid.  I love all things stupid and silly I still have mittens on string and often have my hair in bunches.  it just makes me feel happy.  I mean for my birthday all I ever ask for is a balloon and a badge,  it doesnt feel like a birthday if you don't have a badge.

I collect old skool cartoons I used to watch as a kid like the flumps and bagpuss and dungeons and dragons and thundercats.  I think my favourites have to be button moon and fraggle rock though.  the problem wth having an active inner kid though is sweets.  Chocolate and sweets are a real problem in my life I have such a sweet tooth its amazing I only have one tooth filling. Adult responsible me says "NO!" to sweets but inner child me says "more more more" its stupid really  But since coming onto weight watchers i've been swapping my chocolate for apples and my sweets for activia yogurt, its still sweet enough to give me a kick and leaves me feeling positive.

But autumn always makes me feel happy the leaves are pretty and you can kick up the leaves and they crunch and at night the air is so crisp and you can see the stars really well. You can go home and switch on the lights and its warm and cosy and snuggly. These things just really make me feel content.


starfish264 said...

I have an appalling sweet tooth too - when I need chocolate I have treat size packs of things like Cadbury's Buttons. It's just enough to give me a mid-afternoon kick, without spoiling anything, because as much as I do the same as you, and swap a lot of food for fruit etc, sometimes that just ain't enough!

I always feel a bit sad going into Autumn that another year is passing by, but I've got to agree - the colours are fantastic!