Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Stock Intake

So yesterday I made the weight watchers chicken noodle soup recipe, only for my chicken stock I used those new jellied stock pot things thats being advertised on the Tv.  it said to disolve 1 in 500ml of water so as I was making a litre  of soup I used 2.  I threw in some left over mushrooms as well because my husband loves mushrooms, but other than that I followed the recipe down to the wire.
When it came to eating it though it was unbelievably salty.  I dont add salt to anything,  I don't actually like salt and I know that you get it in most things you eat naturally so I never add it to stuff i'm cooking even if it says to in the recipe.  My husband wolfed it down cause he quite likes salty stuff.  So After dinner out of curiosity I went back and looked at the ingredients on the jellied stock pot thing and was a bit taken aback to read that for every 100ml of stock there was 19% of your recommended daily salt intake.  Now because i'd made this as our main meal for the evening, we had big bowls of the stuff, 1 litre made 4 helpings but between us we polished the lot off and so that means I must have eaten 500ml if we split the litre.  which means I had 5 time the 19% of salt which is 95% of my salt intake in one meal, thats not including any of the extra ingredients in the stock like the chicken or the noodles or soy sauce or any of that.  No wonder I was glugging back squash afterwards. it felt like I'd drank the sea, whereas in fact the sea would probably have contained less salt.

So I stood on the scales today and found that i'm 12 stone 12 again.  Thats silly dontcha think, or does salt make you puff up?  I've been really carefull about what I eat and havent deviated from any plans or anything. So I was a bit narked to say the least about being heavier today.  I really have to stop standing on the scales everyday, but I dont know how to avoid doing it.  I'm a great lover of stats and I think this compells me to stand on the scales. 
So any ideas how not to do it?

Also I stayed up till 2am last night to play Uncharted 2. I've almost finished the game, but staying up till 2 and then getting up at 7 to go to work is not conducive to being in the land of the living.  I am mrs zombie today yep, I've even been dragging my left foot to prove it, because everyone knows you can't claim to be a zombie if your left foot doesn't drag.

And yet even though i'm dead to the world with no energy I am still going to get on that wii fit balance board and do my exercises, even if it kills me.  Which it might.  Although if i'm already a zombie then technically i'm dead already.