Thursday, 22 October 2009


Thursdays area  good day for it to be in the week, not like tuesdays, Tuesdays are the worst.  But thursday is already a 'gearing up for the weekend' sort of day, and this coming weekend I am both excited and a little apprehensive.  You see on friday I am going to a gig to see Stiff Little Fingers which is a present I got for my husband and theres going to be a lot of alcohol involved. 

I'm determined to have a weight loss this week so I really want to be careful this weekend, but after friday's gig on saturday and sunday I'm spending it up at wolverhampton with a heap of my mates at a haloween/bonfire night BBQ/picnic  This is sending warning sirens going blaring through my head.  I am always rubbish at these things, so many random things to nibble on.  I am going to have to be very careful I think, its not so much teh savoury stuff but once the cakes and sweets come out i'm done for, although yesterday at work it was my managers birthday and he bought in tonnes of cakes and I didnt have a single one, instead I was happy with my apple.

Then 2 days ago someone else from work brought in a giant tin of quality street, the little green traingle hazlenutty chocolate things are one of my main weaknesses (along with cheesecake and carrotcake if all these three things were combined I think i'd spontaneously combust) so you know what I did,  I didnt eat a single one.  I felt so proud of myself, normally I would have been dipping into that tin all day, but nope,  I let other people put on the calories whilst I ended up feeling really in control and happy about myself.  So YAY