Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What I do

Okay, so I should probably tell you a little bit about me huh. Lemme see....

I work full time in a laboratory. Its a geotechnical site investigation place which basically means we get soil from all over the country and we perform tests on it, like washing it and rolling it till its of a playdoh sort of consistency. Hitting mud and pressuring mud and weighing mud and...well quite frankly its a dirty and sometimes very physically demanding job. If you're a girly girl you dont last very long because all your nails get broken and you often have dry skin due to dust being in the air. I love it though. I'm not very good with people you see. So a job where I don't have to deal with phones or the public suits me fine. I'm the leader of one of the labs, there used to be 5 people working in that lab and at the moment theres....me. Yep thats it, just me. I'm working flat out to keep on top of things and it can be quite stressfull but you go home with a sense of acheivement if you manage to do all the things you need to do.

In my spare time though, thats where I get really busy. I taught myself to crochet so I crochet random things like punk snails. I also write comedy songs and sing them around pubs and clubs. I actually have a song now about my punk snail called scott, who moshes very very slowly.

The problem with going around pubs singing is that where theres pubs theres alcohol and thats one of my major sticking areas. I dont eat fatty foods I cant rememebr the last time I had something deep fat fried, but pints of real ale (i'm a member of CAMRA) really seem to find their way far to easily into my tummy. They dont call it a beer belly for no reason you know and often i'll be down the pub most nights to have a couple with my husband. Whilst hes a size 10 lanky beanpole guy quaffing back 2-4 pints of brakspear some nights. I keep up with his pace and put on a pound or two each other day.

Since joining Weight watchers I've tried to cut back on the beer, or at least factor it into my points planning. So far since joining weight watchers i've had 3 pints thats amazing for me so i'm pretty chuffed

What else do I do? Oh yeah Cosplay. Cosplay is where you dress up as computer game or japanese anime characters and go to conventions to stand in lines in order to talk to various cast members of various TV shows. Heres one of me from an anime called card captor sakura.

Its all pretty silly but its great fun. At 28 I should really be calling it quits but theres still so many costumes I havent tried yet that I really want to have a go at. Most of them require that you have a fairly trim figure and its one of my reasons for losing weight.
So anyway thats me in a nutshell I do other stuff too like i'm currently doing a degree with the open university in my free time. I also do artwork and write poetry (some of my poems are going to be published in an anthology which i'm pretty excited about)...and well....anyway I better be going cause I have to go to work, but it was nice properly meeting you.
See you around hopefully...or should that be see you slim, because round isnt a good shape?