Monday, 26 October 2009

WI number 4 success? You decide.

Okay so this week I stand on the scales and again I haven't lost anything, im still 12 stone 11. But theres merit in staying the same after the weekend I had.

Friday stiff little fingers were awesome.  I had one pint of beer which was amazing for me because I was sort of envisaging being completely wasted by the end of the night, instead that was my husband LOL who'd had  7 pints.  he felt awful the next morning, whereas I was bright and breezey and ready for the days challenges, which involved heading up to wolverhampton for a bonfire/haloween party. 

SOOO much food was there it was crazy pork pies by the piles and the host jenny, works at a bakery so she had gotten these doughnuts with pink icing all made up as well as crumpets and well lets just say there was a mountain of food that looked really really tasty.  I had planned to avoid it all as I had brought my own things like cooked chicken and rivitas and snacka jacks and stuff but in the end I did have a cookie or two and a handfull or so of pringles and some potatoe skins and I ended up having a bite out of one of those doughnuts but the rest went to my wonderful husband, who saved me from the calories.

Before the diet if I had gone to the picnic I certainly wouldnt have been restrained in my eating as I was, I would have gone away feeling bloated and very sorry for myself knowing I had over indulged, but I came away from the whole thing feeling really rather positive.  I felt proud of myself and I didnt feel like I had lost out at all.

All in all the weekend was a success, just two more parties to navigate and then it should be back to plain sailing again, one on this coming saturday then another on the monday straight afterwards.  If I cant get through those relatively unscathed then I will be laughing.

(oh and i've killed the word verificatiion thing because that seems to still be causing problems, so hopefully with it turned off maybe people will beable to comment,  who knows.  I wonder why its messed up like that?)


Linz M said...

Congrats on avoiding all of that gorgeous food, I find it really hard when I am not completely in control - i.e. if other food is available to me than what I had planned!

Good one for staying the same, I am hoping the scales will be similarly kind to me this week as well!


Cochen said...

You've done really, really well! You're absolutely right in there being merit staying the same this week. Besides which, your weightloss will level out a bit now because your body's starting to get used to the plan. Keep doing what you're doing x