Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire night and feeling low


Mittens on string and stovies, thats what I remember about guy fawkes night. (stovies for anyone not scottish is kinda like a messy version of a hotpot but without the veg, its just really meat potatoes onions and gravy all sorta mashed together)  Being in the classroom at school cutting out junk and covering it in tissue paper to make fake fireworks like fountains and catherine wheels.  I love the smell after fireworks night, the air is usually crisp and clear all but for the faint smell of gunpowder.  I hope its a nice night tonight.   Bonfire night is one of my most favourite days of the year although in fairness i'm a little scared of fireworks.  but i suppose thats a good way to be, you should be respectful of them I guess, saves you accidentally blowing your face off.

I have a friend coming over tonight to watch a firwork display with me, and then we shall be going for thai food.  I'm worried about the thai food thing ( well actually I plan to have beef in oyster sauce and plain boiled rice)  But at the moment i'm really paranoid about stuffing up.  I seem to have gotten heavier this week for no reason and so im back at 12 stone 12.  I'm not sure how I managed this as I havent done anything bad since the drinking thing on the monday night but the tuesday I hadnt gained anything, but wednesday and today I seem to have put on 2 pounds.  I'm not sure where it came from and I feel kind of cheated by the whole thing.

Someone mentioned It might be some starvation thing where your body holds onto fat that it gets, but i'm not sure thats even possible is it?  I mean I went on the cambridge diet for several months and that was only eating 500 calories a day and that didnt seem to make my body hold onto fat, but on weight watchers I am not really eating all my points at all.  I got given 26 points a day cause my work is really manual and heavy lifting and such (hitting rocks with powertools and washing mud, thats right people you can make mud clean)
But Im eating ricecrispies and a banana for breakfast, for lunch having a couple of rivita with low fat philidelpha and smoked salmon on them from lunch and dinner is usually either chicken noodle soup or beef stir fry.  for treats I have an apple and a 0% fat yoghurt.  I also exercise for at least half an hour a day doing yoga and jogging and a range of aerobics exercises (mainly crunches)  So thats been my routine since september, so i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong.  i'm just going to keep doing it and hopefully my body will realise what i'm trying to achieve and co-operate.

I dont mind admitting that I feel somewhat defeated at the moment though, even though i'm going to pesevere.  My body sucks.  Bad body, go to your room


Linz M said...

I think there is a chance you aren't eating enough so your body is holding onto every last bit - as crazy as it sounds it does seem to be true.

I'm on 26 points a day too and I eat way more than that :)

Can you maybe try eating a few more snacks or having a bit extra for your meals?

I tend to eat my 26 points every day (or save some for the weekend when I always have a blow out!) and it's working for me.

Enjoy the fireworks tonight!


Slimming Sammy said...

Thankyou for giving me a few words of positivity. It really helps when i'm feeling down