Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Everyones free

You know, if you're ever feeling fragile, like life is just getting really tough and no one understands, this music video really helps.  Its an amazing song and always sends tingles up my spine when I hear it, a lot of it is just soo true to life, its really upbeat and it feels personal.  unlike most songs these days which seem to be about women singing about how hot they are.  (seriously whats that all about?)

Everyones free to wear sunscreen

I think i'm coming down with flu, either that or i'm being overworked.  Theres noone left in my work, out of 22 people theres now 11 of us and 5 of them are office staff so we have 6 people working in the lab, doing the job of about 15 people.  My boss is a complete waste of space.  he never comes in on time, if at all, and monday he always phones in work with an excuse as to why hes not coming in.  This mondays excuse (and I swear to god i am not making this up) this monday he phoned in said he was ill but that he might be in a little later, so he turned up at 3:30 (bearing in mind he's supposed to be in at 8:30) and went back on saying he was ill and changed his story to..."I fell off a trampoline and had to go to hospital"  I'm lucky I only heard that from my manager because I think if my boss had told me that to my face I would have laughed in his face.  As it was I chuckled through the remainder of the day.  I mean what was he doing on a trampoline first thing on a monday morning?  Was he walking to his car and caught sight of one out the corner of his eye and thought.."Oooh I want to have a shot on that before I go to work?" then went boing boing BANG?  I dunno but the mental imagery is very amusing.

Diet is going normally, just plodding along really, feeling happy that I am doing something about my weight finally and have set myself a mini goal of  7 pounds in 2 months.  Secretly I would like to lose it much faster than that, but if i'm being realistic im losing 1 pound a week so wanting to be at 12 stone by xmas just isnt gong to happen I need to shift 9 pounds to do that.  So i'm just gonna plod along and be patient (which is a really tricky concept for me)


Linz M said...

Ha ha, that made me laugh about your boss. What a rubbish excuse!

I'm with you on the plodding thing, I find its the best way for me. I'd love to lose weight quicker, but that means depriving myself and more than likely heading off the rails.

Slow and steady is the future :)

Hope you feel better soon.


westbubbles said...

LOL! ... well you know sometimes the trampoline just won't wait!

Shrnk D said...

I haven't seen that video in YEARS! Thank you - I got choaked up when he talked about how our bodies are the best instruments we will ever own. That totally changed my mood - I was feeling sluggish and that definitely put a smile on my face.
Also the trampoline story is hilarious. My coworkers husband makes up craaazy stories - even when the truth would suffice. Your goal is totally reasonable. I am the least patient person ever - but the more you work on reaching your goal the better you'll feel and look - so rewards come sooner than you think. :)