Monday, 2 November 2009


Today is weigh in day and I can finally sat ta-ta to that 12 stone 11.  its been a pain to shed.  I don't know why it stuck around that long, hanging on for dear life, but now its gone. 12 stone 10 today, although the scales kept bobbing from12 stone 10 and 12 stone 9 I am going to say 12 10 because I must be borderline between the two, that hopefully means that getting to 12 9 next week wont be too difficult.  I guess only time will tell. 

My measurement loss is already quite surprising me, since september the 28th I have lost
Upper arm - 2.5cm
Hips -6cm
Bust -4cm
Waist -3cm
Thighs -2cm

I guess thats what doing lots of yoga and toning does to a girl. 

I found a picture of me a couple of days ago of when I was 10 and a half stone.  I remember feeling really fat back then, but looking at that picture now I can see that I was actually really slim.

See what I mean.  Super slim.  Well in comparison to what I am these days.  in that picture technically i am still overweight, actually according to the BMI calculator 10 and a half stone puts me at the top end of overweight. if I was 7 and a half stone that would put me in the middle of the healthy weight range.  I honestly believe the last time I ws 7 and a half stone I probably was 7 and a half.  Thats a crazy weight surly?  Is it even possible?  Who knows?  its going to be interesting to find out.

So how did the weekend go I hear you ask?  What with the mounds of sweets and chocolates and a buffet table that not only had chocolate cake and carrot cake (carrot cake is my weakness) it also had a chocolate fountain and ample amounts of alcohol.  Well I lost a pound this week, so that should be some indication.  I did eat carrot cake and I did eat chocolate cake.  I was even pretty much forced to dip the chocolate cake into the chocolate fountain.  I drank 3 beers but that was staggered from 3pm right through to about 9 at night, and I had one plate full of buffet food which for me mainly consisted of quiche carrot and cucumber sticks and a couple of mini bite sized pizzas.  Again I felt really proud of myself, and I got to play games like bobbing for apples and carving out pumpkins. 

It was really funny actually cause this little 7 year old boy took a shine to me and kept following me around so I started drawing pictures with him, and he seemed really surprised that I could draw really well, until eventually he asked me how old I was and I asked him how old did he think I was and he said 10 LOL LOL I said no i'm a bit older than that, and he thought for a moment and said 11?

Anyway this week I have one party tonight in london, last year I really overdid it severely. so this year i'm not going to make that mistake.  I will take pictures of my dress because it really rocks I love it soo much, only one problem and thats that its getting too big already.  I'm going to have to buy the next size down.  I just hope I can find it because I love it soo much.


Linz M said...

Good work! The measurement loss is also pretty impressive - I must re-measure myself at some point as well.

I think you did really well to avoid all of that temptation - I really struggle with buffets!