Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Geocaching?  Have you heard of it?  its another one of my hobbies and its awesome.  its like rambling or orienteering witha goal at the end. All you need to do it is a GPS handheld device, one you can plug co-ordinates into and then thats it,  the rest is free.  You see hundreds of thousands of people have hidden tupperware boxes around the globe, and these boxes  (called caches) have little trinkets inside like bouncy balls and toys for kids, some have bigger things in depending on the size of the box.  you get the co-ordinates and then you follow them to where the box is hidden.  Its an amazing way to discover new things about the area you live in.  Plus you can put stuff in the boxes you find we put a little finger puppet of fozzie bear in one of the caches and someone took him and put him in a different cache and he has hopscotched from cache to cache all over the world.  he's been to new zealand and austria and ireland and USA hes been more places than me.
I've seen some amazing places that I never knew existed like abandonned railway tunnels under a local motorway and i've seen some amazing views, been up trees, been in river beds, plus it gets you outdoors exploring. its a proper adventure.

Incidentally that last picture is me with my husband, he looks like a bit of a wild guy, but hes actually the sweetest kindest bloke I have ever met.  He even chased a mugger one time in his bare feet down the street to save our elderly next door neighbour.  He's the best thing thats ever happened to me....*coughs*....errr sorry for the mushy stuff it just sorta popped out.

We havent done geocaching for a while though and I miss it so perhaps not this weekend but next weekend we can go climb a tree for a cache or something.


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sammy. Sounds like a great idea. And lucky Fozzie Bear!

Love those photos too.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx