Saturday, 14 November 2009

Home alone

My husband has abandonned me for the weekend to drive up to coventry to continue renovating some of his trains.  Yep, you heard me right.  Trains.  he collects them.  Not you usual little electric trains that can run round and round some track in the living room, this is full sized.  I'm sure if we could fit it in our living room my darling husband would try.  He gets me to help him every once in a while by stripping a train down or painting a roof or something.  It is ace fun and really hard work.  For some reason he always gives me tough things for a five foot woman to do, like taking down ceiling panels.

Yep he must really really love me.  But i'm digressing.  I mention him leaving me for the weekend to go do stuff to his trains.  That leaves me home alone.  This is a good thing because he has taken a lot of train junk that was actually dominating most of the house, with him...he'd kill me if he knew I'd just called it junk, its all cabling and cctv equipment and bits he's been working on restoring at home.  I'm actually really proud of him for chasing his dreams and doing something that is tricky but he loves.  What am I going to do now that he's gone though?
Well first off I have to go and do some food shopping.  Now normally when he's gone I would probably eat a cake or something equally as bad, but you know what I have my heart set on?  One of those sainsburies salad bowls you make yourself.  I have been having huge cravings for beetroot and yellow peppers and im actually excited about getting one of those, how sad is that.  But I dont want to go food shopping until the post arrives because theres a chance my new DS game will come today.  Its called My Health Coach-Manage Your Weight and it comes with a  free pedometer, and as you walk it equates that to real distances like..."you've just traversed the great wall of china" sort of thing.  I got the game primarily for the pedometer because i'm curious to know how much I walk normally in a day and then obviously up that activity to get a bit more fit. The latest wii fit plus also has a part of the stats page where you can input the number of steps you do each day so I have a bit of a thing for stats so i'm excited to get going on that.
But yeah salad bowl for dinner snuggled up under my duvet watching wolverines revenge in my pajamas sounds like a pretty awesome night.  LOL I'm such a wild punk rocker these days


Just Playin' said...

Sounds like a great evening to me but I wouldnm't be watching Wolverines! Snuggling, snacking, and nobody else home sounds divine! Enjoy YOUR time!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hope you had a great evening!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx