Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I am now officially a music artist

So yesterday was a big day in the history of my life for it was music studio recording day, and what an awesome experience that was. The guy who runs his studio has all this cool equipment with these crazy expensive mics and sound studio and he works professionally in that industry with proper artists. I was a bit worried about going cause I woke up in the morning and what with my binge drinking late the previous night my voice was shot to pieces, (seiously it took most of the morning to sellotape the pieces together) So I walked to the studo (the map made it look so much closer than it actually was, it took 30 mins of walking up a hill to get there it was actually in the next village over from where I live LOL. Still its all exercise right?, and I walked back afterwards even though he offered me a lift home.) And so the recording started. I've never recorded anything before so he explained it might be a slow learning process I wanted to record kitkat song first because I have an ace idea for a music video. Anyway I played the guitar bit through once, then I played it through again matching what I had played the first time round. then I sung the song once then I sang all the choruses a second time to lay over the top of the first ones. And that was that song done. he was really impressed that I matched the first attempts bang on first time round. He was pretty surprised actually that the first song (which he suggested would take the whole day originally) had taken an hour and a quarter to do. So we moved on and ended up recording 4 songs in total today, kitkat, weirdo, aberdeen and the beer song. So yep. Thats almost half the album recorded already. I could have done a few more but to be honest my fingers were crying out in pain they wanted to crawl away and die so I thought I best call it quits. He was also quite pleased that I wanted to sing and play my own songs rather than get him to play the guitar parts. I told him I wanted it to be authentically me. He respected that. I dont mind sounding shoddy because thats just how I am. So anyway splat the spider is well and truely on its way to completion. YAY YAY finally.

In terms of food I was really good yesterday, had rice crispies for breakfast, a salmon bagel for lunch, a plum, a fat free yoghurt and for dinner chicken fajitas with salsa and cottage cheese instead of sour cream.  So heres a question, I stand on the scales today and i'm not one but 2 pounds heavier than monday whereas yesterday when i stood on the scales after the alcohol bing the night before I hadnt changed weight.  That makes no sense to me at all.
I also got the new wii fit plus game yesterday so played that a lot, its excellent.  burned 188 calories on that yesterday cause the new game actually counts the calories so thats automatically a bonus.  Anyway I better go to work. yep I may be a recorded music artist now, but i'm still a long way off (and probably always will be) to making my music pay me money.