Friday, 6 November 2009

Into November

Well we are well and truely into the november month now and its been miserable weather every single day, but I quite like it. I love coming home and being warm and I actually quite like rain, even the icy cold sort. Puddle splashing can only be accomplished with rain you see.

I got the new wii fit plus game and I am really enjoying it I like jogging on it because you follow a cat and depending on the cat it takes you different routes qround this island and the last time I played it the cat took me up onto the rooftops of these houses. i swear it was trying to kill me. Its an evil cat. I've been feeling restless the past few days and grumpy. I'm not sure why i've been feeling grumpy, but I've also been feeling quite teary too so i'm guessing its a hormonal thing so its probably coming up for that time of the month. I've never had regular periods they've always been all over the place, the doctors blame it on my weight of course. once I get skinny that'll sort that out hopefully, I'll be relieved when that does happen because then that'll explain the crazy mood swings and then I can move on and get on with my life.

This weekend theres not much going on. I have to work all day saturday, and possibly sunday too, it depends how much I get done on saturday. Also saturday night I have a gig in rickmansworth. I am really looking forward to it because its done at an ace venue by an ace guy with an awesome sound system and everyone sings along and it makes me really hyperactive. i'm predicting however that tomoros gig will be somewhat quiet, what with bonfire parties and displays going on. I guess we'll just have to see. Our local firework display was last night and Andi came to stay and we all went and watched it and it was super awesomest. Way better than last year. So thats both bonfire night and haloween thats been better this year. I had managed to convince myself that sparklers tasted like a mixture of sherbert and popping candy. But I didnt get a sparkler so I didnt get the chance to lick one. instead when we finally got home I stayed awake for about half an hour and then crashed out like a light...lights dont crash out...I went out like a light. Paul poked me awake at half midnight, so I feel bad for not saying goodnight to andi. Ooops sorry.

Oh and yesterday was also the fortieth if anniversary of sesame street. That means cookie monster is older than my husband, which means that if cookie monster can be that animated and hyperactive so can Paul.