Monday, 30 November 2009

Kitkat Kitkat be my friend

I finally finished recording my album.  Its all done and sunday I spent all day taking pictures of kitkats for my kitkat song. I finally finished editing the video about half an hour ago and I would like to show you lovely people my hard work.  It took forever and I have to admit 2 of the kitkats ended up in my tummy but considering I used 9 kitkats only 2 of them ending up in me isnt that much of a disaster.  I'd really appreciate if you could watch my video and you know give it a star rating or a comment or something cause I really spent forever on this and i'm actually quite proud of the end product.  The song was written by me and played by me and yeah its just something I never thought i'd really ever do.

In terms of my magical mystery tour my mate Mark took me to london for the day. We started out in hampsted heath at 10:30am and walked around the park then walked to camden and around the lock and market and then walked to morning crescent where we got a tube train to covent garden and walked to the london aquarium wandered around that (I love aquariums they really chill me out) then walked back to hampsted.  It was lashing it down with rain by that point (7pm-ish) and as we walked down the street a guy came off him motorbike and the bike came right up to the pavement but luckily didnt hit us.  Mark ran out into the road to stop the cars that were hurtling towards the motorbike guy in the street. and the guy got up and got help putting his bike up the right way.  He stopped and we chatted for five minutes or so and then he went on his way.  it was bizarre.  im not sure he should have gotten back on the bike, shock takes more than 5 minutes to set in.  I hope he got home safe.  Anyway because it was raining we stopped in a pizza express restaurant and I had a vitabella (which is a pizza with the middle cut out and salad in its place) it was super lovely.  I love chargrilled vegetables especially yellow pepper and corgette and aubergene. 
Today was weigh in day and I actually put on a pound.  Other than that pizza and those two kitkats I ate I have been saintly in terms of my eating so i'm guessing it might be the fact that I spent all day on saturday walking (I kid you not from 1030 right through till about 8 we didnt sit down once) I left my pedometer at home that day (I was annoyed when I realised it wasnt on my belt cause I guess I must have clocked up 15000 steps no problem)
Anyway not a problem the pound will go away this week I have no doubt, but today I really really ache.

Anyway hope everyones having an ace week. Lets make this a good one huh.


Linz M said...

Brilliant - I love the video. You are so talented - most jealous!

Sounds like a good day on Saturday, I love those pizzas. Sounds like the pound is definitely down to the walking, glad you're feeling so positive it will come back off.

Have a good one x

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sammy. Wow! You have a great voice! Really full and rich tones. I love it. Your song writing is brilliant too.

Shame that on most of the videos on youtube I can't hear your voice. I tried adjusting the volume but couldn't really get anything out of it. You should record some more stuff for youtube and get your voice out there because you are incredibly talented.

Sounds like TONS of exercise in London! I used to live there and loved walking through central London.

A sudden load of exercise like that can cause water retention in your muscles so great that you're not stressing over it.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx