Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Levelling Up

I'm a gamer.  I always have been always will be and my game of choice are RPG's.  They're role playing games often involving hundreds of hours worth of levelling up your character so you can beat some insanely powerful boss dude.  I love final fantasy games, but after I complete one I always hit a wall, you could almost call it depression and i'll tell you why.

Its not because the game is finished, although that IS sad, it is also inevitible that the game will be finished at some point.  No.  Its because after the game I will look back at all the hard work and hours i've put into the game and feel like i've wasted all that time sitting on my butt, probablyb eating rubbish food as I play the game.  I will, in my head surmise that if I had spent those 100 hours levelling up myself rather than my computer game character then I would be a better person.  100 hours worth of exercise or studying a new skill would greatly improve my life don't you think.  It always infuriates me when I think about that after a game is complete.  What I loser I think to myself.  But that has changed.

There are a lot of fitness freaks out there who are bashing Wii fit/wii fit plus as being a bad idea, saying people who use it should be out jogging the streets or being down the gym instead of playing computer games that fake the concept of getting fit.  I think these people are probably people who have never even owned a computer game consol.  They seem to say its not proper exercise.  Is that because people are laughing and having fun while they do Wii fit?  Exercise is serious right?  But I think its also a bonus if its enjoyable.  Try doing the yoga moves on the game or the hula hooping, jogging for 30 minutes or lunges, they all make your muscles burn whilst doing them, you get fitness advice, you get calorie counting and charts to plot things such as steps a day (yesterday I did 13131 steps.)  waist measurement, weight and BMI so I think its a good thing not a bad thing.  perhaps an intermediate step between sitting on the couch doing nothing and being out there doing loads real gym stuff.

The thing is getting fit now really appeals to the gamer side of me, whereas before the two sides were never compatible.  I have a gym membership, i've had it for years now, but I havent been since febrary....(note to self really really must cancel the subscription on that)....I know that one day I will be slim, but I also know for me it wont be down to going to the gym.  I hate the place with a vengence and even though I mentally tell myself that everyone in there probably hates it too but they're there because they know its the responsible thing to do for their body.  I still can't convince myself to go.  But the wii fit has changed that.  its always there in plain view so I cant ignor it.  When I sit down to veg infront of the TV if I havent done my exercising for the day I feel bad because its sitting there right infront of me.  The games are exciting and for the first time I feel like i'm levelling up myself rather than some computer character.  Its a big step in a positive direction so i'm not sure why so many people are angry at the wii fit.

I'll climb down off my soapbox now, mainly because I have to go hula-hoop


starfish264 said...

Hey Sammy,

I don't agree with those folks that rubbish the Wii Fit at all. As you say, fitness is about finding what works for you - if it's not fun, you'll never do it (hence my long-standing aversion to yoga which I've only just conquered), and I think the Wii Fit, and other games can be a great in / supplement to getting fitter. I suspect that as you get fitter you might want something more intense, but it will happen naturally, and anything that makes us move and laugh is good. I recently had a gym class where we just played indoor cricket in a small studio for half an hour .... didn't feel like I'd moved much at all, just intermittently dived for the ball and laughed a lot, but my trusty heart rate monitor showed an unmistakable 250 calories for the 30 mins afterwards, and there's no cheating those bad boys! If you like the Wii Fit - might be worth having a look at the Shaun Rider Snowboard Tour game - great fun, and works up a bit of a sweat too!

Slimming Sammy said...

I think you're right that as I get much more fitter and feel confident in myself then perhaps going to the gym wont be such an issue, but I know a lot of heavy people see gyms as being full of glamourous size 0 type people all body building and exercising infront of mirrors, preening themselves and it just makes them avoid gyms.
I cant wait till I can run for half an hour flat out. That would be an awesome feeling. My weight and asthma prevent me from that at the moment, but I can certainly see a marked improvement in my performance from doing wii exercises.

Linz M said...

I have a Wii fit which I've not used for ages - but only because I keep forgetting to buy new batteries! I like it though, my physio has told me to do the balance exercises for my dud ankle... so that's a medical endorsement for you :) I think anything that encourages you to move more has to be a good thing - who says you need to be in a sweaty gym full of muscle bound types to be working out?

Whatever works for you I say, but anything that involves a bit more movement and a bit less stagnating has to be good and if you enjoy it, then you're more likely to keep it up x