Thursday, 12 November 2009


You know how when you feel certain things like stress or tiredness or anger or sadness then sometimes that prompts you to binge eat.  Well i've never really pinpointed at emotion until yesterday.  ANGER makes me eat.  Yep, like a horse.  Work really ticked me off yesterday I walked home in the rain on the verge of angry tears because I worked my ass off for my company and yesterday all they did was complain that I hadnt tidied up a few things.  negating the fact that I had actually done the work of about 3 people in a very quick time frame allowing us to make a client very very happy.  forget about that, instead lets focus on the fact that I didnt wash some pots up or mop the floor.  WTF!

 So yeah in the rain walking home feeling low got home and I ate.  Now I actually binged on carrot sticks and fat free sour creme dip stuff.  Which is astounding for me, but I know I was eating for the sake of eating and not because I was hungry.  then my husband suggested we go out for an indian meal and well that was game over really.  I made sensible choices like having tandoori chicken and I only ate a third of the rice.  it wasnt the food that was the problem.  It was the beer.  I had 2 king sized cobra beers and then we headed to the pub afterwards where I continued to drink 2 pints of real ale.  I cant really remember getting home, i'm so much of a lightweight now that I dont really drink anymore.  But the scales really remembered this morning what i'd been up to the night before.  So oops.  my fault, I shouldnt let work get to me like that, but I really wanted to kill something last night.

 I play computer games quite a lot and fallout 3 is one of my favourites at the moment, it really destresses me taking all my violent tendancies out on computer game characters.  I'm not psychotic or anything honest, but this youtube video is often the sort of stuff that makes me feel better about work.


Anonymous said...

that was so funny,,, almost wet me self!

Dayne Gingrich said...

I love this... and totally understand - lol! I'll definitely be following.

Thank you for visiting Coach Your MInd... much appreciated! Hope you enjoy.


Slimming Sammy said...

I've probably watched the video about 20 times and I still snigger at the first one and the cola tour one. It really helps cheer me up.