Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ow my poor abused body

My liver really hurts today, all that good intention to go easy on the alcohol didn't last very long, what was worse was I didn't eat anything before the party so I was drinking on an empty stomache.  Not a clever idea people, and then I didn't eat very much of the buffet food with the exception of there was a plate of poached salmon on sticks so I ate some of those cause I think they were probably good for you.  So I barely ate a thing last night but drank 5 pints of beer.  I hurt in ways i'd forgotten I could hurt.  my poor abused liver and kidneys.  I promised them I wouldn't do this to them anymore.  its not good for me, and whats worse is today I have to go to the recording studio and record some of my songs but after a heavy night my voice is shot to pieces.  (more so than usual) so i'm not sure how successful this session is going to be.  *sighs*

but anyway heres a picture of me that was taken yesterday before we set off for the party.  I felt very fancy in this dress

Excuse the lack of smile, its not the best photo but its the only one I have.  So yes this is a good marker photo of where I am now in terms of weight. I think i'm lucky that for some reason people seem to day that I dont look like I weigh 12 stone 10 but I do.  I am going to buy this dress in the smallest size available and then when I can finall wear it I shall stand in the garden and take another picture exactly like this one and then overlay them.  Then I will laugh.
Anyway I better go and restring my guitar otherwise it wont just be my voice that sounds shoddy today.  And maybe on the way home I might beable to find a copy of the new wii fit plus game.  Exciting Exciting.  I love my wii fit.


Linz M said...

Oooh I love the dress! Where is it from? I love that style.

Hope you are feeling a bit more human now :)


samigurumi said...

Thats actually from eBay, if you search for rockabilly loads of dresses like that pop up. I got the size 14 (which equates to their large) or search for hell bunny which is the maker of that particular dress. I just couldnt stop swishing around all night. it was awesome!

Linz M said...

I have a similar style from Vivien of Holloway which I wore to a wedding in September - http://www.vivienofholloway.com. Not the cheapest of dresses but definitely give you that feel good factor.

I'll have a search on ebay as I don't want to keep spending a fortune while I am supposed to be losing weight! Thanks x

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