Sunday, 8 November 2009


You know something. I procrastinate a lot. like serious serious amounts, those of you who know me and those who have read this blog for a while, probably already know this, but serious I am really bad at putting things off and putting things off and putting things off even more. I assume that i'll have time to do everything, but you know what, thats a really dangerous assumption dontcha think. I assume i'll be around tommorrow or next week or next month or next year or next decade, but thats being really rather optimistic. People die all the time. i read the other week about a woman on holiday who was in a bar, she got drunk and fell over and she fell on a glass and cut open her armpit then bled to death, or the man whose partially sighted dog accidentally bit his finger when they were playing fetch together and the small nick got infected and a couple of days later he died because his vital organs got blood poisoning from the infected finger. The point I am trying to make is that we never know when we're going to pop off, so we shouldn't put stuff off. I have an essay to write and I have emails to send and things that are quite mundane but i've put off over and over again. I go to work and while im there I plan what I am going to do when I get home, but by the time I get home those things are out of my mind.

losing weight was a bit like that.  I would stand on the scales and see it creeping up and kept thinking I'll start a diet on monday,  then I would screw up on the monday and think okay well maybe I'll start next week, and next week would come and a little bit more weight would be on and i'd be disheartened and I'd comfort eat...cut a long story short I got heavy. I went on an extreme diet lost a lot of weight and came off the diet and started eating junk again.  Thats the situation I find myself in now.  I started putting on a lot of weight again and for once in my life, rather than procrastination I think  nipped it in the bud and now i'm feeling pretty pleased with myself, not for getting myself into this predicament in the first place but for doing something about it quicker than I normally would have done

But anyway this is my favourite recipe at the moment.  I think every sunday I shall post up a recipe I have been using,
Chicken Noodle Soup