Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Its Top Of The wait...thats not right!  I meant it's that Time Of The Month which has me vastly relieved.  I don't have TOTM very often so I never know when its going to creep up on me, so that finally explains the 2 pounds I put on this week cause I stood on the scales today and those 2 pounds had vanished.  it also explains the feeling listless and restless that I was over the weekend. and the weepy feeling I was feeling all day monday  So yay I always feel much happier when I have an explaination for my random mood swings.

I played a gig in St Albans last night with the rrrants crew and it was very well received.  People keep coming up to me these days and saying how my voice is much stronger.  Not just one or two people but several now, but I think its more about the confidence i'm feeling getting up on stage now that i've lost a bit of weight, and the yoga i've been doing has done wonders for my posture and breathing.  next week I finish recording my album and i'm really really excited about it.  Its strange when you start a new year and you look forward to the future with some thoughts on what you'd like to achieve and I never, in a million years, saw in January that by december I would have recorded my very own album.  thats just really crazy.

I'm sorry i've been complaining about my job recently.  i'm lucky to have one really and to be honest I do love doing what I do when its not being a pain.  Everyone has their off days I guess.

this week food wise has been plain sailing really, plenty of fruit and veg in the house and planned meals means nothings taken me by surprise.  i've backed away from the booze for a bit and already feeling better for that.  now I just gotta exercise a bit more.  my pedometer has been working a  treat and i've learnt that in an average day i'm walking 12,000 steps.  I think thats a fair bit of walking without adding to that.  I'm not sure though. 

I have a new goal, do you think it's possible?  I'm currently 12 stone 9 my husbands sister is getting married in the middle of april that gives me five months.  do you think I can be 11 stone exactly by then? that would require 1 stone 9 lbs in 5 months 23lbs in 22 weeks  that should be doable right? if i stopped blogging and got on with my exercise it might be a tad quicker huh.  procrastination, if only that was a sport i'd be an olympic medalist.


Linz M said...

23lbs in 22 weeks is definitely possible- am sure you can do it.

12,000 steps a day is pretty good going. I must dig my pedometer out again, I'm pretty sure I always struggled to get to 8,000!

Very exciting about the album, I so wish I could sing!