Friday, 13 November 2009

So yesterday when I got home from work I had some carrot sticks with sour cream and chive dip, thinking I was being good.  I had eaten about 10 or 11 of these little carrot sticks when out of curiosity I looked at the dip's best before date and realised it was a week ago.  Now my gut is quite a sturdy beastie, but my goodness does it hurt today and I think that dip is to blame, so I am off work with severe cramps.  I'm currently curled up on the sofa in a fetal position typing this.

Last night I was singing at a rrrants gig in watford (check out and that all went down really well, people came up to me afterwards and said that I was sounding much more confident and powerful and I honestly believe that its due to a mix of feeling better in my own body and doing yoga most days so my breathing and posture are both improving.  Also the newer stage sound system probably helped LOL. 

We then tried to get into our usual pub for after the gig but it was having some cover band thing going on and they wanted 10 quid on the door to get in. considering we'd only be staying half an hour we decided to find a different pub and ended up in a yates bar where 2 drinks cost 3 quid but the place was filled with all these bizzarre creatures....I mean women...who had skirts so short it left very little to the imagination and their high heels were so high you could hear the disks in their spines contorting out of shape. I laughed at the mental imagery of me trying to wear those heels. It would result in one wobbly step then coming crashing down on my face resulting in a broken nose and a broken ankle. yet ALL of these girls were wearing heels like that and some of them were wandering back and forth on the street outside in the shoes which had longer heels than their skirts. I should point out that the street was COBBLED. Seriously if they're looking for a new olympic sport at the 2012 games then look no further. What skill.

I'm not sure but did that last part make me sound bitter? Because i'm really not. Even if I was a size 6-8 which most of these girls were, then I'd still never buy shoes that looked like they'd come out of some fetish club.  But at yates I felt like I was some kind of documenty worker observing a different species. It would be pretty cool to go out feeling THAT confident in my appearance that i wouldnt mind it was mid november and my butt cheeks were freezing, but equally if I WAS that confident I wouldnt dress that way anyway


Linz M said...

Oh no - hope you feel better soon!

You've cracked me up with your descriptions of the high heels and mini skirts. I can never wear heels and I'd be convinced I'd break my neck if I ever did, so am totally with you on that one :)