Monday, 16 November 2009

Well that didn't go to plan either

2lbs on this week, you know what that means don't you...yep i'm back to 12 stone 11.  That really tricky pound just doesn't seem to want to budge. am I bovvered though?  Am I?  Well actually no, not as bothered as I normally would have been.  Normally it would be the end of the world of course.  I'd go on a comfort binge to make me feel better, which of course afterwards would only make me feel worse, and then i'd leave it another couple of weeks before attempting to eat properly again, which again would result in more damage being done before getting myself back under control.  Nope. I'm not bothered.  I clearly did something wrong last week, by which I mean, I drank too much over the course of the last week.  Real Ale really kills me.  Stupid brakspear, stupid honeydew, why do you have to be so tasty.  Its okay though i'm set to have a great week until the weekend where we're going to stay with friends in tunbridge wells and they'll try stocking me up on chocolate and sweets, but I shall resist. gotta get rid of that pesky 12 stone 11.
So 12 stone 11, its like that little animation that was popular back when I was a kid, called the cat came back...hang on lemme find it for you..a pretty persistant cat, very similar to that 12 stone 11 that wants to cling on for dear life.

In other news a friend of mine at work today was made redundant, off she went and we all watched her drive out the carpark for the last time with a strange aggitated heaviness in our hearts.  On one hand we're told our jobs are safe and on the other they've cut back on every possible expense and now they've gotten rid of tina.  That doesnt sound very safe to me. Work has been quite unbearable at the moment, I was off sick on friday so when I came in today I found all sorts of things wrong and within 5 minutes of being in the building someone was having a go at me for leaving the place in a mess.  (which I didnt) so I was feeling very low most of the day. I'm alright now.  I came home and actually went for a nap and i'm feeling much happier now. So YAY go me.  Oh and my pedometer game came only its broken.  The pedometer works perfectly but when I plug it into the DS consol it wont recognise it.  Smoo.  Ahh well never mind huh.


Linz M said...

Damn that pesky pound! At least you know why though and you've not let it get you down.

Sorry to hear work is not the best at the moment, it's not great when you have to spend all day in that sort of environment. Hope it improves


ed said...

That was so funny,, the boat bit remins me of ,, well me....

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sammy. Glad this hasn't thrown you off track. Sounds like a difficult situation at work too. And then the pedometer ....

Yet you're holding firm despite it all. Well done!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx