Friday, 4 December 2009

Nestle liked it

So Nestle watched my kitkat video and said they thought it was fantastic.  They said they're going to send me kitkats in the post. Free chocolate when you're on a diet isn't a great idea but i'm really happy that they were nice enough to do that.  They also said they couldnt make my video into an advert though because they have to go through their official advertising channels.  Fair enough, free chocolate will do...for now.  I shall hunt down their advertising agency and try my luck there.  You never know unless you try right?

This weekend I've convinced darling husband to come into camden market/lock with me tomoro so I can buy him jeans for xmas and he can buy me a jacket.  I saw it last week but couldnt buy it but tried it on and fell in love with it.

It kinda looked like this but was a deep tartan.  It made me look so slim because of the flared out waist I adored it instantly.  Theres also shoes I found that I have been searching for for years and they were on sale for £14 but I couldnt get them and i'm just praying they are still there 2moro.

Xmas is sorted now.  We're going to pauls family for xmas and going to a  friends  new years party and we'll see my family sometime soon in the new year (well probably march)  Pauls family is so much more sedated than mine. My family up north is very chaotic but I guess thats because my sisters are all still so young so arguments can be quite unexpected and volitile.

Eating has been going really well I'm hoping for a loss this week, but exercise I havent done hardly any what with flu/acheyness for most of the week I really couldnt face/couldnt be bothered to do exercise but I shall start agan properly on sunday.
Tonight I have a party I am going to.  In fact I should be heading out the door now.  I'm not going to drink very much at all, and so should probably go get ready.

Hope everyone has an ace weekend and will see you on monday for my weigh in.


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sammy. Well I think what they're saying is "thanks for the free advertising". It's a lot cheaper to give you a few free bars than to pay you for the idea. Advertising costs a hell of a lot of money. Have you copyrighted your work? It has been known for advertising agencies to be sent an idea on video and just blatently copy it for themselves without paying any money for the original idea - as happened very famously with the Guinness ads a few years ago - the ones with the funny dancing on. The man who made the original never got a penny.

It's a great idea so make sure it's copyrighted.

Beautiful coat. Hope you'll put a piccie up.

Have a great weekend!
Bearfriend xx

Just Playin' said...

Great coat! Congrats on the pounds lost! Don't eat the KitKats! You're doing great.