Sunday, 6 December 2009

Shopping Success!

I know what i'm getting for xmas. I know because we got it yesterday. I convinced paul that we needed to go into Camden so I could retrieve the jacket that was destined to be mine. We found some really good shoes but they didnt go down to my size so they were too big which was a bit of a shame. But the jacket is now sitting upstairs because I cant wear it until I unwrap it at xmas. We also found another jacket that paul got me for xmas too, so I have 2 jackets for xmas and they're both super ace and I wanna wear them all the time but I cant even show you pictures because im not allowed the stuff till xmas. I only have 2 more things on my xmas list, Spud. hes a toy dog. I saw him in the window of a chemist shop and instantly knew his name and knew he had to be here with me. Then he dissapeared out of the window but I saw him again so hes still there. His name is spud and he has to be here. And the last thing on my list is tales of symphonia 2. Its a wii game and I need it. Yep. End of story. Thats my list. Goldfish i'm not allowed and I dont think paul is gonna budge on that one so i'm giving up bugging paul for one. Maybe one day i'll get one...possibly when he's not looking and away for a weekend and then a goldfish can just follow me home by accident and have stay over. I dunno. I'll work something out. I've also decided to forgo paragraphs for the rest of the year. Thats my new years resolution you see, to use paragraphs, so I have stop using them for a while so that people will notice the difference. Today I made my first ever money from my music. I got a whole 37p because some nice person (you know who you are) bought a digital download of my song that i've been plugging a lot recently. If you go to my music site ( you can buy my song. So yay. 1 whole person liked it enough to pay money for it. Thats awesome. Thankyou. I have a lot of music to sell before I start seeing any profit. I'm guessing the whole thing is gonna cost around the £500 so i'm making 100 CDs and i'm selling them for £5 so that means I break even right? So where does profit come into this?.....errr it doesnt aparantly. Maybe I should have thought this through. Thats why I've made the music downloadable, even though paypal take 22p from every 59p I get I still get more than if I'd put it through itunes. But I put my song up on craftster because its all made by me and my god what a response. It ended up being on the front page of the site and that really did make my day so many people said so many wonderful things to me and everyone keeps comparing me to that kimya dawson girl who sings on juno, I checked her out and yep I do sound like her. And there was me trying to be original....Did I mention my new jacket...oooh its so sparkly lovely. Also I have audits to do 2moro and they're gonna suck big chunky ones. I hate SG's fiddly little test that i've managed to avoid the audit on for 4 years because i've had other staff to do that audit but now that there are no staff its just me thats left to do them. This sucks monumentally. SUCK SUCK SUCKY SUCK