Friday, 11 December 2009

What a week

Sorry I haven't been around everyone, seriously, work has just sucked all the life out of me this week.  to the point where i've trudged home most nights on the verge of tears.  I'm not going to put up with that anymore so come the new year i'm looking for a new job.  i've had enough of the high level of crap and low level of pay.  I'm a specialist.  the place I work is the only place in the entire country, (let me re-iterate.....ENTIRE COUNTRY) to be accredited for certain tests we do, yet i'm barly paid more than starbucks or checkout staff.  That doesnt seem right to me. So yep i'm gonna go work in sainsburies, or something.  I dunno.  It sucks.
Food has gone well and truely up the swan what with  chinese meal on monday, no food whatsoever on tuesday due to camden gig running till midnight and having not eaten before hand, thai meal on wednesday and curry on thursday.  Well and truely messed that up.  Ack well, back on the bandwagon today so we'll see how it goes over the weekend.
Xmas is only 2 weeks away and that realisation has suddenly hammered on the PANIC button and a string of obscenities as dawning realisation that i havent bought anything sets in.  I'm sure it'll be fine.

Anyway i'm gonna be back properly now so I shall catch up on everyones blogs.  Sorry for being rubbish.


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sammy. Sorry you've had such a tough week. Hope you're able to destress over the weekend - and eat some healthy food!

Sounds like you're going to need that Christmas holiday!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Linz M said...

I wondered where you had been :) Sorry your week has been so stressful, that sucks.

Have a good weekend x

Tricia said...

Hope youre doing well. I'm new to your blog but look forward to getting caught up!