Wednesday, 2 December 2009


What a response, my comedy  kitkat song has already got over 200 youtube hits which makes it my most successful endevour so far.  Thankyou to nayone who has been plugging it for me.  I got a major boost when one of my most favourite music artists (Al baker and the dole queue) plugged it on his twitter page, it made me feel all fangirly.  I promise I will stop harping on about the song soon enough but just let me have this one last blog then I will resume diet moaning.  If anyone could send it round to their mates (for I have a surprising few of them, not quite sammy no mates, but my circle of friends are really like a select few) I'd be really appreciative.  I must admit since making the movie I havent eaten any chocolate.  I just couldnt face any. which has got to be a good thing

Life is really pretty good at the moment.  Except that yesterday I may have lost my iphone noooooooooo....I guess when I get into work today I will find out if I have or not because it will either be on my table or it wont be.  (prays please me there please be there please be there)  I still majorly ache and my nose is runny and my left eye insists on watering a lot so perhaps that walking on saturday isnt whats made me achy but in fact that im actually ill.  I dunno I tend to ignor flu type symptoms and they get the hint and go away.  If I take a lemsip then im in trouble and whatever sickness I have hits me with everything its got so I tend not to take medication and that seems to work for me.
I have an open uni tutorial tonight i'm pretty excited about it.  I've never been to one before so it'll be ace finally meeting some of the people on my course and it turns out the lady who'se doing the final rearrangement for my music album cover happens to be on the same course as me. W e've never met so its a bit of an odd coincidence that we live in the same town doing the same course at the same time.  Odd.


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sammy. Hope the flu flew away.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx